When to book?
Let me ask - when do you want to capture your child or family?  It is really up to you.   Most parents choose milestones. Great times include when your baby sits up by themselves, those first weeks crawling, or right around a first birthday (or any birthday, really!).  If your family or mom's group will be exchanging holiday cards, a mini session might be best. We can choose a date a few weeks prior to the upcoming holiday and get some great family photos to use. Did little Sally's braces come off?  Perfect time to capture a bright new smile.  A new baby in the house? Or just because it's so darn nice out.

I am a part time photographer so I mainly schedule weekend shoots. In the warmer months this means early morning or late late afternoon just before sunset.  In the fall and winter months this means in the mornings and afternoons.  Also, for the wee ones, take into consideration nap schedules and meal times.

What to wear?

Wear what feels comfortable. Avoid logos or clothing with words. If you are going with a plaid or pattern, limit it to one family member so you don't have competing patterns.  Layers always look nice. Coordinating colors and ensembles are great for sibling and family shoots - choose a color palette and put a little bit of each hue on various family members.   The best advice I ever read about styling a session was to "look for clues in your decor".  Dress your family in such a way that it will match the style in your home. Look to the color palette in your home for help.  Think beyond white and khaki and jeans and black.  

For fall / winter sessions, please consider the weather if we are scheduled to be outside.   Don't forget to consider coats, scarves, hats, gloves and of course footwear. Wear shoes that you won't mind photographed!

For more style inspiration, check out the Inspire Me Baby website or my Pinterest "What to wear" boards.

Where to go?

I will photograph newborns and babies in your home. I'll use available natural light or bring additional lighting options. We can shoot in the nursery, in your living room, at your kitchen table - wherever there is ample light and enough room, I’ll shoot.  Prior to your session, I will send you detailed instructions on how to prepare for your newborn session.

For older babies, toddlers, and family shoots, we can go wherever you'd like. There are so many fun parks, the waterfront, and tons of urban locations to choose from. The only requirement is good lighting.  I am based in Gulf Breeze, but will can travel beyond with a nominal travel fee.  I also am always interested in fun, new locations.  When choosing a location, talk to me about your interests so we can make sure they are incorporated wherever we go.

Things to consider.

There is nothing better than a session that captures who you are effortlessly.  But to do that, I will need to know a little about you and your family, and the style and vision you have in mind.  Does your wee one have a fake smile that you can spot a mile away? Simple. Let know what that looks like and I’ll get anything other than that. Is your little one a goofball who will do anything for a laugh? Great. I'll make it happen. Whatever it is, whatever your area of concern is, let me know and we'll work to produce a beautiful image that you are completely happy with and are proud to showcase in your home.  Don't hesitate to suggest any crazy idea that you may have. I am open to new, fun ways to portray your family.   

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.  I look forward to planning your vision.

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