A Day in the Life | the Schwab family | Towson Lifestyle Photography

Sixteen years.

A lifetime.

I have literally known this family since before they were actually a family.  Trisha and Kevin have been great friends since we worked together many, many years ago before marriage and children.

I have watched each of their children - Katherine, Matthew, and Will - come into this world, one by one and grow from baby, to toddler, to child, to tween and beyond. I was there when Trisha picked up her first 'baby', a furry fluffy Golden Retreiver pup named Sailor at 8ish weeks, and was there years later when she bid a sad goodbye to the loyal, loving girl after a long canine life. And I was there when she decided to add another Golden to the family - a sweet boy named Sawyer.

So on a bleak very cold winter afternoon, I arrived at their cozy home to document what a typical weekday looks like for a  13,  11, and 9 year old.  Homework, goofing off, Skyping, piano, and more homework.  

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