Butcher's Hill baby boom | the lovely Sperati family | Baltimore newborn photography

I absolutely adore my city mom clients. I am a Baltimore girl, born and bred and I have deep, deep ties to East Baltimore, namely, the area around Patterson Park. I attended nursery school at School Sisters of Mary on Patterson Park Avenue and Pratt Street, and have fond memories of the area near the Pagoda and my grandfather who would take and pick me up from nursery school.

I have had the pleasure of re-visiting the neighborhood of Butcher's Hill (shhh probably my favorite area around the park thanks to the grand homes, especially all along Baltimore Street) through many clients.  Mom Keri, whom I photographed last fall, contacted me early to reserve a spot in busy fall for her second little one, due in September. 

I was thrilled to photograph little Eleanor, aka 'Nori', and big brother Charlie.  My THIRD newborn in three months on Chester Street alone!  To witness all these young families dedicated to raising families in such an amazing neighborhood is just so wonderful.....it really warms my heart!

Butcher's Hill baby boom, indeed!

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