Light Inspired Little Boy ~ Vacation, All I Ever Wanted ~ August 2013

We are an East Coast family with an educator in the house (my husband is Athletic Director at Towson High School, a suburb of Baltimore, MD).  This means our vacations pretty much occur around the school calendar. So we summer vacation, and winter vacation during the week between Christmas and New Year's.

Like 99.9% of families around us in Maryland, we head to the shore in the summer. Most of the time, that means the beaches in Delmarva (Delaware/Maryland/Virginia for those not in the area). But the last two years, our family has ventured south.  

We have fallen in love with South Carolina, and year by year, are discovering the communities on the Carolina coast.  Last year was Charleston and the Isle of Palms, and this year was North Myrtle Beach. A beach totally different from the laid back Isle of Palms, but fun and memorable all the same.

Vacationing with an almost 4 year old and an almost 3 year old has evolved, too. This year, we brought less "stuff".  One less pack and play. Both kiddos are able to sleep in twin beds. We didn't have to bring a booster seat for meals.  And most importantly, we didn't have to bring diapers :)  as both kiddos have transitioned to the potty.  The double Bob stroller, which we brought just in case, was used maybe two out of seven days. The kids are getting more independent and vacations...dare I say it....are getting easier.  

Trips to Family Kingdom took on a whole new meaning as we now have one kiddo over 42" and another over 36".  Waterslides - check.  The big Pirate ship ride - check. He conquered them all.

It was to watch our children enjoy the rides just as we did as kids. 

Seemingly, yesterday.

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