The Perfect Pair • Twins John and Leah • Baltimore Newborn Twin Photography

There are just some sessions that are like gifts from God. This was one of them. On a bright February day,  I packed up my sweetest boy/girl newborn goodies and headed to Kristen and Steven's home to meet their newest additions - 10 days old John and Leah. 

They say that twins have a connection that can't be explained. Something innate.  Maybe it is genetic - something that is the result of spending nine months together in the womb.  Whatever it is, I saw it first hand with John and Leah.  These gorgeous babies slept so soundly and seemed to be more content actually cuddled with one another. You literally saw them relax when once was touching or near the other. It was remarkable.

Big brothers Matthew and Joseph are absolutely in love with their new twin siblings. What an amazing session, and a blessed family of 6!

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Rachel said...

What a beautiful family! I love them all, but the ones with the twins together are my favorite! So precious!

Gabriella said...

What a stunning collection of photos to capture the profound connection of twins. I can definitely believe that the touch of the other relaxes them--similar to the touch of a nurturing mother. Forever they will take care of one another; not to mention the 2 big brothers! As always Cara, your work is flawless and breathtaking. What a fabulous session indeed :)