The uber cool, fantastically fun, joyful Diamond clan • Baltimore Family Photography

When I was contacted in October by Janelle Ehrlicman Diamond, editor at Baltimore Bride Magazine, to photograph her family,  my heart lept out of my chest. I had known Janelle through a mutual friend, and of course thanks to Facebook had seen some photos of her four expressive, adorable children.  Always smiling, always looking JOYful.  I was beyond nervous. She has style. She has editorial savvy.  Could I deliver? Would I disappoint? 
I took a deep breath, and lept at the chance.
She suggested the AVAM and had even had some ideas for compositions. I went with the flow, let her gorgeous children take the lead, and they more than delivered.
Did I say fun? 
In short, I LOVED this session. The expressions so joyful and so real.  


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