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I adore this time of year. Sunday football. The chill in the air. The smell of firepits and fireplaces wafting throught the neighborhood. Sunday football. The crinkle of leaves underfoot.  The pumpkins and gourds.  The apple cider. Sunday Football. 

Its also the time of year for portraits. That one perfect shot that will be the centerpiece of your holiday card. The ubiquitous portrait of the children for the aunts, uncles, and grandparents.   Oh how I admire the hard work of moms who shop for the perfect coordinating outfits, stressing over weather concerns (will it rain? will it be freezing?). Then comes portrait day and you just hope for cooperation, some smiles, and you pray. Pray that EVERYONE will look at the camera, at least once. Preferably in the same shot. 

Somes you get it. Like this beautiful family.

Or this lovely family, with the most amazing sun.....

Or this gorgeous family....

or my beautiful cousin and her babies, dressed to the nines in their Burberry.

and even once in a while,  you are blessed with the small miracle of your very own into-everything 2yr old son actually stopping for a millisecond while your talented photographer captures your own family

Photo courtesy of John Waire Photography

Every session flows the same - fear that one child won't sit still. Fear that one child will not smile naturally. Fear that one child will fall and get their outfit dirty.  Fear that someone's going to fidget, or cry.  And sometimes I get that. But I have some amazing moms who help me make sure that doesn't happen too much. 

And sometimes, the heavens open up and you are able to get some amazing images from the kiddos. 

Sometimes you get lucky and you capture moments.  Unposed, unstructured moments that just speak to you. 

Then you have the fun ones. The fun group of kids who just, well, want to be kids.

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Anonymous said...

Boy, what a wonderful blog entry. Actually made me tear up. Such perfect shots and the description so sincere.