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Little Brayden has had quite an exciting life for a 20 month old. 

Born three weeks early, Brayden spent a few weeks in the NICU due to an emergency C-section because of a ruptured placenta. Since then, Brayden has grown leaps and bounds!  He's a personable charmer, with one of the most gorgeously dimpled smiles and sparkling eyes.

He's got that certain something, having been chosen in this year's Wee Chic Little Characters model search.  Look for him in the 2011 Wee Chic fall catalog.

I know his mom, Amanda through my husband, Jeff. She and Jeff worked together at the John Archer School in Harford County.  She and her husband, Trey, are a down-to-earth, sweet, gorgeous couple. 

Enjoy, guys!  Love ya!

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