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There is an old phrase that says people come into your life for a reason, or a season, or a lifetime. I have had the pleasure of having all such people in my life.

Having spent some of my adolescent years in the city attending Our Lady of Pompei, I had classmates who I still talk to today (Nicole Juliano Palermo).  I also spent many years in Hamilton, at St. Dominic School (with the likes of the Kurek clan, Jenny and Suzy Walter, and countless others).  In my freshman year at the Catholic High School of Baltimore, I met two girls who made my 9th grade year tolerable and dare I say it, hilarious- the dynamic duo of Kim Ward and Barb Minnick. 

Kim and Barb were best buds and had the kind of Abbott and Costello wit and banter that you immediately are drawn to.  It was seriously hard to get through a serious day at TCHS without laughing your ass off with these two.

Fast forward a few years.  I had moved from Hamilton just before my sophomore year of high school and later returned to Baltimore in the fall of 1990 to attend the College of Notre Dame of Maryland as a freshman. I was flippin overjoyed to learn that Barb Minnick was in my freshman class. In the spring semester we arranged to room together.

Kim and I crossed hilarious paths through the years but it wasn't until the reuniter of all reuniter, Facebook, that got us back together. Kim had married a great guy and had three beautiful children - two gorgeous girls and a drop dead handsome little boy.  The three H's.  Hannah, Haley and Hayden.  On a somber, overcast 9/11 we got together and had some fun in front of the camera.

The kiddos were, in one word, amazing. They did exactly as told, and even Hayden suggest HIS own poses (looks like someone was paying attention during all those Ocean City 'scope sessions!).  The kiddos were sweet, cheerful, obliging, and gorgeous.

Kim - you have been blessed.  Three times over!


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Anonymous said...

OMG, what a beautiful written blog. I am so blessed that we ever met and have been friends this long.... You are an amazing photographer, the kids loved you! We love looking at the pictures everyday, can't wait to print them and hang them on the walls!! love you, xxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Kimberly Freund and family <3 <3