A little boy and a blue train named Thomas

When Luke was about 14 months and Grace was born, he became obsessed with Thomas the Tank engine. I am not sure what it is about this little animated train that is so special to him, but it instantly struck a chord. When Luke was home with me the first few weeks of Grace's life, during my maternity leave, I won't lie - there was a lot of Thomas on in our household. And maybe it was the familiar voice of George Carlin that I liked. In any case, "doot doot" (because Luke couldn't say "choo choo") has slowly taken over the playroom with trains, and tracks, and other merchandise. 

So when someone suggested we look into the "Day out with Thomas" in Strasburg, PA, we booked tickets for just after Jeff finished with the school year.  It was mostly a day for Luke, as Grace obviously goes with the flow.  It was a gorgeous day for a little boy to see his buddy Thomas. 

It was also a gorgeous day for me to bring the Tamron 17-50 and go WIDE.  All that luscious blue sky in Amish country?  I could NOT resist. 

P.S. Luke flips out when he sees these photos on my facebook page. He now clearly articulates, quite enthusiastically, "Choo Choo". 

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